June 30, 2022
Canada Immigration lawyer

Canada Immigration lawyer

You can never go wrong if you decide to immigrate to Canada today, bu for an Arab immigrant there are certain part of Canada where you will feel most comfortable to live and work in.
Here are the Best Canadian cities for Arab immigrants to live and work
Here are some quick interesting fact about the second-largest country in the world which Arab immigrants should know.
Despite the fact that Canada has a very vast land mass, the actual population of Canada is only 40 million, which makes many jobs available in the country, where Canada suffers from employment problems due to the lack of workers in the required numbers

Canada is one of the countries that have always sought to receive large numbers of immigrants, especially Arabs in recent years.
Where the Canadian government announced the desire of the State to receive many immigrants in the coming years.
In this topic, we will show you the best Canadian cities where Arab immigrants can live.

The vast area of Canada makes many different cities, however, some Canadian cities do not have large numbers of citizens because of the small population and Canadian citizens.

So we show you some of the most important cities where Arab immigrants can travel and start their lives with many advantages

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  • One of Canada’s most populous cities, with more than three million people in Toronto. This Canadian city has many clowns and travelers living in the country.
  • More than half of Canadian products are manufactured in the city. The level of education in the city is high.
  • and the Canadian city has a low crime rate and is safe. Toronto’s unemployment rate is low and the city’s economic level is high.


  • The capital of Canada, this city has many advantages that make it one of the best Canadian cities for Arab immigrants.
  • The unemployment rate in this city is low, the city’s population is about 1.5 million.
  • and the crime rate is very low in Ottawa and the safety rate is high. The city’s official language is English.
  • French is the second official language in the city, and this city is characterized by the presence of many other nationalities.
  • There is a high percentage of Arab immigrants in the city. About three percent of the city’s population is Arabs.


  • With a population of about one and a half million, it has a strong economy. It has a large number of businessmen and is famous for the presence of mines, and is considered one of the best Canadian cities to migrate to.
  • Many winter games are held in this city. Due to its proximity to the snowy mountains, it is characterized by cold weather, especially in winter.
  • This makes many sports and events held on the ground in the winters such as hockey and skiing.
  • The city is characterized by religious diversity where the majority of the population and citizens of the city are Christians and there is a percentage of Muslims as well as Buddhists and other religions.
  • This city is one of the famous tourist cities in Canada, where there are many mountains covered in snow in winter

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